A generous person will prosper; Whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

Proverbs 11:25

Charity FAQ

How does it work?

When you submit an application through our website, we have a team of state licensed Mortgage Loan Originators that will assist you with finding the best possible program with the lowest possible interest rates that Rejoice Mortgage offers. If we can't get you the lowest rate possible through our banking channel, we will broker your mortgage loan to some of our partners that are fortune 500 Lenders' in the country.  This way you can always have a peace of mind that you are getting the very best deal every time.

How much does the charity receive?

We love the term, "People helping people."  We donate 1% of the total loan amount.*  If your loan amount is $350,000 then $3,500 would go to a charity. Our first choice of charities would be your community church or place of worship.  If you don't belong to a church or place of worship, then you may select to donate to one of our approved charities.  We also understand in certain circumstances that a Borrower may need help with their closing costs.  You have the option to split the 1% and use it to help pay for your closing costs.**  That's $1,750 to a charity and $1,750 towards your closing costs an prepaid items.

How do I select the charity I'd like to donate too?

When we disclose your mortgage loan you will receive a disclosure that will allow you to register your church or place of worship and select once of our approved charities.  If you would like to choose a different charity that's not on the list, then you can register your charity at that time.

Is this a marketing gimmick?

We believe there is a fine line between making a profit and making an honest living.  We do make a small amount of profit to keep our lights on and help our employees provide for their families; however, we would also like to think that what we are doing is for a great cause that may make a significant impact in the world.  Our hope is that you will spread the word and get more involved in your community.  We are making changes one loan at a time.  The best compliment that we can get from you is when you refer us business by sharing us on social media and learn to Rejoice with us.

*You must submit an application through our website to participate in the 1% charitable program.  We have retail Mortgage Loan Originators throughout the country that are Independent Contractors and are only required to donate $100 towards the charity of your choice. 

**By opting to split the 1% charity you must select a mortgage loan program though our banking channel.  The Mortgage Loan Officer would not be able to provide a lender credit through our broker channel due to our strict guidelines. See Disclaimer section for additional information.

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